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We Are a Discretionary Investment Adviser 

Which means we'll manage your money for you for a fixed fee.

our mission

Help people become financially independent.

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our services

We offer investment management services for all types of accounts, (e.g., individual and joint accounts, IRAs, Roth IRAs, etc), domestic and international. 

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Our Approach

Our investment strategy is simple: buy stocks of great companies when they are cheap in relation to real worth. Historically, this approach has produced excellent results with limited risk. 

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Anyone can become financially independent - no matter how much they earn now, what level of education they have, or what country they're in or from. 


No magic formulas or unusual skills required. Simply save regularly and invest those savings intelligently (guided by data, not emotions).  


It won't happen overnight, but eventually it will. 

Oriosto ("Otto") Medrano, CEO

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