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If you're happy living an average life, buy index funds and settle for average returns. If you want more, we can help.  

Built for Rebels

Abbilon is not for everyone.


We are built for people who want to take ownership of their future and live with passion, with purpose.


For those who know that success requires hard work, discipline and smarts. For those who know that success won't happen overnight or without taking risks. 


If you're one of us, we’d love to serve you.

Designed for Success

With Abbilon, you're money won't be invested in mutual funds, ETFs or index funds. Instead, you will own shares in a few of the most innovative companies in the world - You'll be part owner in some of the companies inventing the future.


With Abbilon, you'll own the future.

How it Works

Transparent. Secured.

Your money will be held in a separate account, in your name, at Interactive Brokers, LLC ("IBRK"). As your investment advisor, Abbilon can enter trades on your behalf, but cannot withdraw or transfer money without your express permission.


IBRK is a registered broker with a strong capital position, conservative balance sheet and automated risk controls built to protect all its clients. 


With an Abbilon managed account at IBRK, you can view, add and withdraw your money online anytime, from anywhere.

Why Stocks

News & Insights

Why Us

Why Invest with Us

Superior Returns

Our approach is designed for long-term above average results. Using mathematical models and fundamental research, we buy stocks of good companies cheap, hold them until price is above value. 

Less Taxes

With our long-term buy and hold strategy, you'd normally pay less on taxes over long periods than with a standard investment strategy. 

Aligned Interests

Incentives matter. Unlike traditional advisors, we only get paid when you beat the market.


No hidden fees, no commissions, no gimmicks. You pay 1.00% of the value of your account annually, but only if your account beats the S&P 500 Index.  

Ready to Take Control of Your Future?
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