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How it works

  1. Create Plan. Abbilon creates an investment plan that's right for you based on your personal goals and financial situation.

  2. Open an Account. Set up an investment account with automatic monthly contributions.

  3. Put money at work. Abbilon will select stocks of great businesses to buy/sell for you.

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Benefits You Get

  1. Start with any amount. Other investment advisers require minimum investments of $2k or more. With Abbilon, you can start with as little as $100 and add more whenever you want.
  2. No Gain, No Pay. Other investment advisers charge a management fee whether you earn or lose money. Abbilon does not charge a management fee if your annual results are negative.
  3. Complete Control. With Abbilon, you always know exactly what you own and how your account is doing. Simply login anytime to view your investments.
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