We Invest Responsibly

We recognize that environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues are of paramount importance to responsible investing.  That’s why we use our best efforts to invest in companies which act in a socially responsible manner while maintaining our fiduciary obligation to act in the best financial interest of our clients.
See our Policy on Socially Responsible Investing.


We provide online investment management services primarily to individuals, families, and institutional clients (Partnerships, corporations, LLCs, Trusts, etc.). Our services are can help you build, grow and preserve wealth by investing directly and intelligently in stocks of good companies.

Through our partnership with Interactive Brokers, LLC, we offer virtually all types of accounts, including:

• Taxable Investment Accounts for Individuals and Joint Owners
• Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), Rollover IRAs, and Roth IRAs
• Institutional Clients (Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs, and Trusts)

We select investments and design portfolios using a combination of proprietary mathematical models and fundamental research. Our technology allows us to manage multiple accounts simultaneously and to keep objectivity when selecting investments for our clients.

We don't offer mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds.

As an Abbilon Client, you actually own shares of the companies in your portfolios, so you can vote on issues affecting the companies you own.


We are an online investing solution built to provide effective investment management to everyone, regardless of income level or background.



Otto has worked in Wall Street for over 20 years, primarily in law and compliance. Having worked for different types of investment management firms, he realized that not everyone had equal access to investment opportunities. In fact, tens of millions of Americans don’t even have access to a retirement savings account through an employer. Since 2012, Otto and a team of technology experts, worked tirelessly to deliver an easy and better way for individuals to invest their savings and thus secure a better future.

Investing should not be reserved for the elite. Everyone should have an equal chance to build a better future for themselves. That’s way I’ve spent the last 8 years building Abbilon. To bring everyone an opportunity own their share of those great engines of prosperity called stocks.



Our strategies are designed to produce superior long-term returns for you. We pursue your goals by using algorithms to select stocks that, based on statistical measures, show the highest historical tendencies to outperform the market over long periods. We then select the one most suitable for you from the list, and use software to manage your account.


Our fee structure perfectly aligns your interests and ours: Unlike other advisers, we only get paid when your annual return is positive. A fee of 1.00% f AuM annually covers all trading costs, commissions and management fees. No hidden fees.


We provide truly independent, objective and unbiased advice because: We do not accept compensation of any kind from third parties. Our sole mission is to provide the best possible investment advice for our clients. Advice that can make a genuine difference to your financial success.


An investment philosophy is a set of beliefs and principles that guide an investor's decision-making process. At Abbilon, we belief the following beliefs and principles are the best way to produce superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term:

  1. Focus on Value. We believe every business has a fundamental or “intrinsic” value which is not necessarily the same as its market price. Often, value and price differ significantly. We focus on value, buying only when price is significantly below our estimate of intrinsic value.
  2. Focus on the Long Term. We invest for the long term. We make investment decisions based upon an assumption that we will hold the security forever. However, if the price gets significantly above intrinsic value, or a better opportunity arises, we would sell it.
  3. Focus on the best opportunities. Risk management is made more effective by holding a limited number of positions and knowing them well.
  4. Focus on Proper Diversification. Diversification is an effective risk reducing tool only when done properly. Owning between 10 and 30 companies in unrelated, uncorrelated industries is more effective than owning 100 to 500 companies in industries which are closely related.

Let Us You Turn Your Savings into Lifelong Financial Success